Choosing solitude

I am a lover, in the moment.

You told me, truthfully, that you search for the love of your life.
The one who will disrupt the routine of your existance.

Now, we are lovers without each other.

I am free
to love the world and only myself.

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For lovers who bond over loss

(I was listening to ‘Otherside’ by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers one fall day and decided to write down some thoughts about a fleeting romance)

You’re the trigger to my pain
Like a gun aimed at my chest and
I know you don’t mean to be…

In fact, you try to be everything that’s contrary,
But I’ve lost too many things that I never thought I would love so deeply…

You told me once that I would have enjoyed getting to know your mother.
I told you intimately about the pain of never knowing my own father.
But I think the world of my mother,
And we both agreed that it’s amazing to have been raised and influenced by such great women…

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An outbound prayer of surrender

You have to let it go.
Whatever it means to let go, this is the task that must be done.
Whatever time brings,
whether it is pain, joy, longing,
It comes and it goes.

There must not be an attachment to a connection.
One must continuously shape and reshape the heart
so that it becomes stronger,

The hardship that comes with letting go
It must be endured,

This exhausting process of honouring and praising moments…

This insanely maddening place where we find healing…

Where we find our own self
This is the place that you have
to remind yourself
that you belong,
at least for now.

There will come a time when
the path will be clear

Where you will find the strength to continue to push forward and carry on with the obstacles that are still ahead.

For now,
this is the sacred place where you must be one with the pain

and within this union,
the answers will come.

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passionate sketch

I have yet to master details in my images
But once this happens
I would like to be able to draw the light that hits your face
Illuminating different aspects of your being
Hiding others in shadows

Maybe then you will know how I long for every part of you

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my father is missing…

There are days when, in the midst of life’s fury,
my world will stop
and I ache for my father’s wisdom.

It is undisputed that he was a terribly smart man,
one who advised many powerful men in my country.

But then I realize,
I am a young woman
surrounded by a slew of empowered women
who share more than their wisdom,
but their warmth and their hearts.

In these moments,
I may have gained more than I have ever lost.

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